Legendex Exhausts is Australia's toughest stainless offroad four wheel drive exhaust system, in fact it is the only exhaust with an offroad warranty. A Legendex upgrade will not void warranty and will not damage or reduce the engine life. In fact Legendex will improve engine life because the engine runs cooler and doesn’t have to work as hard to produce the same power.

The Grey Nomad's want the 10% increased power & increased fuel economy that Legendex has grown their reputation on.

Big Boy Intercoolers, keeping cool under pressure is what these Big Boys are about! Bigger plumbing increase's power, improves performance, better fuel economy & increased engine life are some of the benefits from installing.

The Legendex Thrust Monkey Throttle Controller

Get up and go at the click of a button. This little guy is smart & agile with fiendishly fast reactions - so naturally we called him the Thrust Monkey.


Visit their website for more accessories that we can install for you on request @ http://legendex.com.au/site/

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