RDA EBC Brakes


RDA EBC Brakes

At Maurice Grasso Motors, one of our focuses are on the brakes of you car, to ensure your vehicle has the stopping power to protect your family from any accidents that could occur at the blink of an eye.

RDA EBC Brakes commenced operations in Melbourne Victoria in 1987 and has grown from a small trade and retail parts supplier to today offering the largest range of Disc Brake Rotors and Brake Drums in Australia and New Zealand.

Our range encompasses some 2400 vehicle applications and covers everything from Alfa to Volvo and all makes in between.

We also stock a large range of applications that were not directly released into the Australian and New Zealand market, but have found their way onto our roads by way of private import.

Safety Warning: As your brake rotor and pad, are the most critical components in your vehicles braking system, extreme care must be taken when working on these components and all work should be undertaken by experienced and capable technicians at all times.

Visit their website @ http://www.rdabrakes.com.au/

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